Englannin kielen osaamisen kartoitus, C-taso

A Reading comprehension.

Read the texts and answer the questions.

Text 1 An extract of scientific article

[…]During the experiment, Sorg and colleagues put aquatic snails in tanks, some of which contained meth-laced water, and some that contained regular water. As aquatic creatures, the snails breathe mostly through their skins, but will extend air tubes above the water´s surface when oxygen is scarce.

Low-oxygen levels in the water caused the snails to extend their tubes. The researchers poked the tubes with sticks, irritating the animals, thus training them not to extend their tubes.

Snails not exposed to meth seemed to retain long-term memories of the "training" for only a few hours, at which point they would start raising their tubes again.

But snails exposed to meth recalled the poking more than 24 hours later and kept their tubes closed. […]

Brian Handwerk, National Geographic News (June 3, 2010)
1. Choose the title that fits Text 1 best

a. Drugged Snails Remember Irritation Better

b. Snails on Speed Get Speedier

c. Drugged Snails Grow Bigger Air Tubes

d. Addicted Snails Drown as Result of Irritation

Text 2 Newspaper heading

BA cabin crew begin third 5-day strike. But Unite boss Tony Woodley is´nt worried… STRIKE BOSS OFF ON HIS HOLS (And – you´ve guessed – he´s not flying BA)

Christopher Leake, The Mail (June 6, 2010)
2. Choose the sentence that best describes the newspaper heading above.

a. Mr Woodley drowns his worries about the strike in alcohol.

b. Mr Woodley didn´t fly with BA on his vacation, making sure that his trip wasn´t affected by the strike.

c. Mr Woodley isn´t worried about the long strike because he is working closely with homeland security.

d. Mr Woodley didn´t let the strike affect him and continued his daily visits to the hotels he owns.

Text 3 Newspaper heading

Religious Sect´s Suit Over Ten Commandments Monument Dismissed - Federal judge finds that Utah city displayed monument for historical purposes, not religious.

The Associated Press (June 8, 2010)
3. Choose the statement that best describes the meaning of the heading above.

a. A city in Utah sues a religious group for destroying a monument.

b. A lawsuit against a city in Utah, over a statue on Ten Commandments was dropped.

c. A religious group sued a Utah city for portraying their priests in a monument without permission.

d. The federal judge decided to ban the movement because of religious reasons.

Text 4 Antibiotics

Microbes: Can´t live with them, can´t live without them. We focus more on the first of these truths, as shown by the huge sums spent every year on preventing, treating, and researching infectious diseases. But the second is equally valid: Each human body contains at least 10 times as many microbes as human cells. The human gut alone contains about 1 kilogram of bacteria indispensable to digestion.

But sometimes microbes get out of hand, triggering everything from athlete´s foot to influenza pandemics that kill tens of millions, and for millennia humans have sought ways to control them. People have tried everything from prayer, to natural biocides (Ötzi, the 5,300-year-old hunter found frozen in an Alpine glacier in 1991, carried fungal oils to treat intestinal parasites), to cautery (scorching wounds with a hot iron).

The results were mixed at best. Then, in 1929, Alexander Fleming noticed a clear zone on an agar plate of staphylococci bacteria "contaminated" with Penicillium mold. Ten years later, Ernst Chain and Howard Florey found a way to isolate the active ingredient. Penicillin was used to treat infections in World War II and was commercialized immediately afterward. From this accidental beginning, the global anti-infective market has grown to nearly US$70 billion a year; antibiotics account for about half.

Life-cycle Studies: Antibiotics (Tom Prugh, February 26, 2010) http://www.worldwatch.org/node/6379)
4. Read Text 4 and choose the correct statement according to the text.

a. Microbes are vital for human digestion.

b. Microbes are seemingly harmless but they can wreck your digestive system.

c. Microbes should be studied more, to find a way to control them.

d. There are more harmful microbes in a human body than useful ones.

5. Read Text 4 and choose the correct statement according to the text.

a. After World War II, the market for antibiotics increased significantly.

b. The invention of antibiotics was no accident. They were created and designed specifically for military purposes.

c. Alexander Fleming discovered the mold but couldn´t keep it clean.

d. The research outcomes were highly controversial.

B Structure, sayings and vocabulary. Choose the best alternative.

6. Which sentence would represent the best way to rewrite these three sentences?
My fiancé finishes his shift tonight. I will see if he wants to go with us. I am not sure what time he gets off.

a. When he finishes his shift tonight, I will see if he wants to go with us. Hence I´m not sure what time he gets off.

b. He finishes his shift tonight, when I will see if he wants to go with us. Thus, I´m not sure what time he gets off

c. When he finishes his shift tonight, I will see if he wants to go with us although I am not sure what time he gets off.

d. He finishes his shift today, I will see if he wants to go with us, but I am not sure what time he gets off.

7. In what kind of situation/context would you expect to find this saying?
Saints triumph, Man Utd out!

a. Spoken language: A stock broker calls out at the stock exchange.

b. Written language: A headline in the sports section of a Sunday newspaper.

c. Spoken language: A man at a match shouts to the players in the field.

d. Spoken language: A journalist gives a report to the BBC news.

8. They put their success ______ hard work.

a. up on

b. in on

c. down to

d. out to

9. I´ll let you _____ a secret.

a. into

b. out on

c. in on

d. get by

10. She said she was being paid by the hour. What does this mean?

a. She had to pay some amount per every hour.

b. She got a certain amount an hour later.

c. They paid her salary based on the hours she worked.

d. They were paying her at that moment.

11. She didn´t imagine we would say anything. This means:

a. She thought that we wouldn´t say anything.

b. She imagined she would not tell us anything.

c. She didn´t think of telling us anything.

d. She thought we would say something.

12. It´s unthinkable __________________ my requests.

a. that they should ever deny

b. that they denying

c. they ever denying

d. them to deny

13. It appears ______ the only solution.

a. be

b. being

c. -

d. having been

14. She considered ____________________

a. her mother a sensible woman

b. that her mother be sensible woman

c. that her mother a sensible woman is

d. as her mother being a sensible woman

15. He is ________________.

a. difficult to talk to

b. difficult talking to

c. difficult to talk

d. difficult talking

16. __________________, she would believe it.

a. Had she been seen happen

b. She seen it happen

c. If she saw it to happen

d. Had she seen it happen

17. There has been a delay __________ further inquiry.

a. tend to

b. pending

c. lending to

d. to look forward to

18. Please ___________ your remarks to the matter under discussion.

a. configure

b. concentrate

c. contribute

d. confine

19. I dislike George Brown painting his son.

a. I don´t like the fact that Brown painted his son.

b. I don´t like Brown´s paintings about his son.

c. I don´t like the painting which is about Brown´s son.

d. I don´t like Brown because he painted his son.

20. Congress has voted that the present law _____ .

a. be maintained

b. maintained

c. is maintained

d. would be maintained

21. _______________________ a ticket to London. Did you mean Southampton?

a. What did you ask for was

b. What you asked for was

c. Was it for what you asked

d. What you asked it for was

22. Valitse paras vaihtoehto.

a. Turn off the tap was all I did.

b. I turn off the tap that´s all.

c. All I did I turned off the tap.

d. What is all I turned off the tap.

23. She behaved more than unfairly towards my children in that situation.

a. She was fair.

b. She was less than fair.

c. She was unfair.

d. She was extremely unfair.

24. The package weighed ten pounds if it weighed on ounce.

a. It certainly weighed ten pounds.

b. It didn´t weigh more than ten pounds.

c. It weighed less than ten pounds.

d. It weighed exactly ten pounds.

25. Listen. When I tell you what happened to the girl who got the prize, you´ll be absolutely…

a. flattered

b. surprised

c. blown away

d. legless

26. What is the US _______________ potential?

a. selling

b. sale

c. sales

d. sold

27. Young people who cannot find work may _________________ in desperation.

a. be committing crime

b. go for crimes

c. turn to crime

d. petty crime

28. Hypo-allergic means something that___________________.

a. causes a strong allergic reaction, such as a rash.

b. doesn´t cause a strong allergic reaction.

c. causes a rare allergic reaction.

d. can protect you from all allergic reactions.