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Lue teksti ja vastaa aiheeseen liittyviin kysymyksiin valitsemalla oikea vaihtoehto

Dear Mr Virta,

We received your job application form (Assistant vacancy) submitted through our homepage earlier this week. However, we would like you to send us some detailed information about your social and computing skills. We operate in a setting where customer service skills and language abilities play an important role. Would you please reply and write a few lines about your abilities, including language skills and international experience? Could you also attach a list of which applications you can use and what kind of experience you have in using them?

You mentioned that you are available for work from the end of May onwards. Could you also tell us when you are available for an interview and if you have a driver´s license? We have vacancies from May to mid November. Would you be willing to consider a six-month contract?

We look forward to your prompt reply.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Myers (Sales Manager)

H&H Stores
1. Kirjeen vastaanottoja on

a. Lähettänyt hakukirjeen viime viikolla

b. Täyttänyt hakulomakkeen tällä viikolla

c. Ottanut yhteyttä työharjoittelupaikkaan viikko sitten

d. Lähettänyt sähköpostia tämän viikon alussa

2. Kyseessä on

a. myyntiedustajan paikka

b. kesätyöpaikka

c. avustajan paikka

d. tehdastyöntekijän paikka

3. Kirjeen lähettäjä haluaa

a. yhteystietoja

b. lisätietoja hakijan taidoista

c. perustiedot hakijasta

d. listan aiemmista työkokemuksista

4. Työnhakijalla tulisi olla

a. hyvät asiakaspalvelutaidot

b. kokemusta kansainvälisestä työympäristöstä

c. työkokemusta kyseiseltä alalta

d. hyvät kirjoitustaidot

5. Yritys arvostaa erityisesti

a. työkokemusta, mutta eniten tietokonetaitoja

b. koulutusta kansainvälisiin työtehtäviin

c. kielitaitoa ja ATK-taitoja

d. joustavuutta, mm. halukkuutta matkustaa

6. Työnantaja tahtoo tietää

a. voiko hakija aloittaa työt jo aiemmin

b. milloin hakija pääsee työhaastatteluun

c. voiko hakija tehdä etätyötä

d. onko hakija halukas muuttamaan

7. Kirjeeseen on vastattava

a. lyhyesti

b. kattavasti

c. sähköpostilla pikaisesti

d. nopeasti

B Rakenne ja sanasto. Valitse oikea vaihtoehto (vain yksi).

8. They asked me ______ them my passport.

a. show

b. showed

c. to show

d. for to show

9. This dress is made ______ cotton.

a. about

b. in

c. of

d. from

10. My car runs smoothly because I __________ it yesterday.

a. fixing

b. fix

c. have been fixing

d. fixed

11. We´ve ______ done everything you asked.

a. yet

b. ago

c. ever

d. already

12. "I don´t mind cleaning the house." means:

a. I don´t like cleaning the house.

b. I don´t want to clean the house.

c. I am going to clean the house.

d. I can clean the house.

13. Sheila hates fish, ______ is a pity, because fish is so healthy.

a. what

b. which

c. that

d. when

14. "Hardly" means the same as ..

a. difficult

b. barely

c. in a hard way

d. roughly

15. I´m not ______ to reach that high.

a. tall enough

b. enough tall

c. too tall

d. so tall

16. _______ I haven´t got much experience, I think I could do it well.

a. Because

b. Even

c. Since

d. Although

17. Please _____ me to pay the bill today.

a. remember

b. memory

c. remind

d. reminder

18. I had to ______ to my cousin for not having the birthday present with me.

a. apologise

b. be sorry

c. excuse

d. forgive

19. We left the theatre before ______.

a. the show end

b. the end of the show

c. the shows´ end

d. end of the show

20. He _____________ live in the country than in the city

a. had better

b. prefers

c. likes better to

d. would rather

21. After __________ help at the information desk without success, I walked away.

a. to ask for

b. asking for

c. asking

d. to ask

22. I don´t like ________ at me.

a. they stare

b. their stare

c. them staring

d. that they stare

23. Ask him how much _______.

a. it cost

b. did it cost

c. it costed

d. it did cost

24. I wish I _________ where she is right now.

a. have known

b. would know

c. knew

d. should know

25. I __________ him all day.

a. haven´t seen

b. am not seeing

c. don´t see

d. haven´t been seeing

26. I will be abroad next week. I ________ to France on business.

a. will send

b. am being sent

c. be sent

d. am send

27. Why _______ all the time? You´re doing fine.

a. you complain

b. you are complaining

c. to complain

d. complain

28. He´s made an __________ with me to discuss the next step in the project.

a. appointment

b. opportunity

c. interview

d. meeting

29. Jonas ________ in his homework.

a. did a lot of faults

b. did a lot of mistakes

c. made a lot of mistakes

d. made a lot of faults

30. I work _______ dentist.

a. like

b. as

c. the same as

d. as a

C Reagointi. Valitse vastaus joka sopisi parhaiten tilanteeseen.

31. Hello. ______ Ms Jane Hall, please?

a. Could I speak to.

b. I would like to connect to

c. May I get to

d. Connecting to

32. __________ open the door for you?

a. Will I

b. Would you like that I

c. Shall I

d. Do you want that I

33. Will you be able to come to the cocktail party this evening?

a. I´m afraid not.

b. I´m sorry but not.

c. I´m sorry I´m saying "no".

d. I´m not afraid so.

34. May I smoke in here?

a. I´d like you not to do that.

b. I´d rather you didn´t.

c. I mind if you do.

d. Please could you not.

35. __________ to Peter!

a. We´ll lift a glass

b. Let´s have a speech

c. Will we raise a glass

d. Let´s have a toast