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Weather forecast

In the morning it´ll be cloudy with outbreaks of rain. In the afternoon the weather will clear up. Temperature milder than yesterday.
1. Millaista säätä on luvassa?

a. Rankkasateita aamulla, sumua iltapäivällä

b. Sadekuuroja aamulla, kirkastuvaa iltapäivällä

c. Sumua aamusta, sateita iltapäivällä

The Joneses

My name is Mary Jones. I work as an editor in chief of our local newspaper. This is my husband Terry. He works in an IT company and often travels abroad on business. Our children, Molly and Jake, go to pre-school. We are from London but now we live in Jyväskylä in a four-bedroom flat. We rent our apartment, because we are planning to move back to UK.
2. Mitä Mary tekee työkseen?

a. Hän on päätoimittaja paikallislehdessä.

b. Hän on päätoimittaja urheilulehdessä.

c. Hän on ruokatoimittaja paikallislehdessä.

3. Mitä Terryn matkustamisesta sanotaan?

a. Hän menee usein työmatkoille laivalla.

b. Hän menee usein työmatkoille ulkomaille.

c. Hän menee ulkomaille kerran vuodessa.

4. Perheen lapset Molly ja Jake

a. käyvät koulua

b. ovat kerhossa

c. käyvät esikoulua

5. Jonesin perhe asuu

a. omakotitalossa jossa on neljä makuuhuonetta

b. huoneistossa Jyväskylässä

c. huoneistossa Lontoossa

The Best Job in the World

Ben Southall is working on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. His job is most likely the best job in the world as he earns a top salary for walking on the beaches, sunbathing and swimming. Ben spends his time exploring the Islands and reporting on his adventures through weekly blog posts and video updates. More than 34,000 people from around the world applied for the Island Caretaker´s position in January 2009. Applicants sent short videos showing their skills and personality. The final 16 applicants travelled to Queensland for interviews. In addition, the applicants had to present their skills in swimming and snorkelling. 34-year-old Ben Southall from UK was the lucky one to get the job.
6. Mitä Benin työhön kuuluu?

a. Rantojen siivousta

b. Rannoilla kuljeskelua ja auringonottoa

c. Aurinkotuolien pystytystä

7. Kuinka usein Ben kertoo työstään blogissaan?

a. Hän raportoi kerran viikossa.

b. Hän raportoi joka päivä.

c. Hän raportoi kerran kuussa.

8. 16 parasta hakijaa matkusti Queenslandiin

a. kuvatakseen mainosvideota

b. uinti- ja snorklauskurssille

c. työhaastattelua varten

B Rakenne ja sanasto. Valitse oikea vaihtoehto (vain yksi).

9. You can see the city hall _____ the right.

a. by

b. at

c. on

d. near

10. _______________ on the shelf?

a. Is there books

b. There is books

c. Are there books

d. There are books

11. It was so dark I couldn´t see ______.

a. anything

b. nothing

c. something

d. nobody

12. ___________ Lisa?

a. Met you

b. Did you me

c. Have you met

d. You have met

13. Shall we meet __________?

a. on Monday on ten o´clock

b. in Monday at the o´clock

c. in Monday on ten o´clock

d. on Monday at ten o´clock

14. I am going to be late, _____ I slept in.

a. before

b. because

c. when

d. if

15. The post office is _____ the police station.

a. under

b. on

c. opposite

d. towards

16. My son has got a lot of after-school _____, such as football and music.

a. activities

b. actors

c. ankles

d. allergies

17. There was _____ man on the street who asked me to give him some money.

a. -

b. a

c. an

d. the

18. She ______ in 1975.

a. had born

b. borned

c. was born

d. is born

19. ________________? It´s four o´clock.

a. Can you tell the time me

b. Tell me can the time

c. Can you tell me the time

d. You can tell me the time

20. My sister _____ got a new flat now.

a. have

b. does

c. did

d. has

21. Rose ____ breakfast every morning.

a. makes

b. make

c. do

d. is

22. I can´t cook as well _____ my husband.

a. as

b. like

c. than

d. with

23. I have to ____ shopping.

a. buy

b. go

c. see

d. pay

24. We will give ______ a book for her birthday.

a. she

b. him

c. his

d. her

25. This must be ________ day of the year.

a. beautifullest

b. the beautifullest

c. the most beautiful

d. most beautiful

26. ______________ learning English?

a. Are you why

b. Why are you

c. Why you are

d. Why you

27. She knows her job well, _____?

a. don´t she

b. knows she not

c. doesn´t she

d. isn´t she

28. Did you hear _____ Julie said?

a. which

b. what

c. that

d. that what

29. Tell the kids to be ______!

a. quite

b. quiet

c. guide

d. quit

30. I like tea _____ I don´t like coffee.

a. but

b. if

c. or

d. for

C Reagointi. Valitse vastaus joka sopisi parhaiten tilanteeseen.

31. See you later.

a. The same to you.

b. See you.

c. We´ll see.

32. May I have the butter, please?

a. Yes, please.

b. Here you are.

c. You´re welcome.

33. Hi. My name is John Austen.

a. Nice to meet you, John.

b. Good seeing you, John.

c. How are you, John?

34. Can I get your order, please?

a. Yes please. I will want a filet steak.

b. Yes please. I´d like a filet steak.

c. Yes please. I have a filet steak.

35. What time is it?

a. It´s quarter for five.

b. It´s quarter to five.

c. It´s quarter to five o´clock.